Panel Upgrades

As a household requires more electricity due to appliance upgrades and the increase in electrical items, a residence requires panel upgrades to govern the power distribution to the home. Signs that your home might need a panel upgrade include:

  • Lights Flickering
  • Home has an Old Style Fuse Box
  • Panel is Over 15 Years Old
  • Circuit Breaker Frequently Flips
  • Household Electrical Items Not Getting the Power Needed
  • Fuses Frequently Blown
  • Melted Electrical Wiring
Residential Panel Upgrades
Commercial Panel Upgrades
Electrical Panel Replacement

Residential Panel Upgrades

Old electrical panels can have very limited energy output and when the electrical panel is pushed to capacity or beyond, it can become a risk in the home.  Utilizing the professional services of a panel upgrade expert can improve the efficiency and the safety of a home. Electric Man is available 24/7 for electrical panel services. If you home require electrical panel services, upgrades or replacement contact us, we have the skills to complete your panel upgrade fast and professionally!

Commercial Panel Upgrades

Businesses often require higher amounts of electricity to operate, in comparison to residential homes. Calgary offices, restaurants & retail spaces have constant running lights and machinery that can require very high levels of electrical outputs. An old electrical panel can lead to serious issues for your business, or commercial property. A major blow in your panel can cause for your commercial property to go without electricity until the panel is repaired or replaced.  To proactively protect your business and its operation, consider the panel upgrade services offered by Electric Man.

Panel Replacement

Electrical technology is constantly changing and improving. Replacing your existing electrical panel in your home or business can improve the efficiency, make the area safer and better govern the electrical output. Professional panel replacement and installation can match your electrical needs while lowering the energy costs. Many homeowners are unaware of the age of their electrical panel, that is why a professional assessment is needed.

Why Electric Man for Panel Upgrades?

ElectricMan employs and works with master electricians that have the knowledge and experience to properly assess the electrical panel and upgrade/replace the panel with an electrical system that will channel the electricity through the home or business.

We are electrical professionals that understand the electrical needs of Calgarians. Contact us today for a panel upgrade estimate.

Electric Man Guarantee

Customers know that when they work with Electric Man, they are working with a professional and well experienced team of certified technicians. Above all else Electric Man prides itself on 3 core elements, RESPECT, INTEGRITY and ALWAYS FOCUSING ON THE CUSTOMER. We combine those key values with our guarantee of free estimates, a 100% customer satisfaction policy, upfront and honest pricing, competitive rates, honest quotes and scope of work, and also always providing professional quality.



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