Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring is a safety hazard, contact us if your home or business is in need of aluminum wiring inspections, repair or replacement.

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum was a popular alternative for copper wiring during the 1960’s and 1970’s due to the high cost of the preferred copper wiring. Though aluminum wiring was cost effective, it was later found unsafe as it had a tendency to start fires and other hazards. It was later found that the reason aluminum wiring was so hazardous was due to the oxidation of the substance. When aluminum wire is terminated, the mechanical connection breaks the layer of oxide to form an electrical connection that is superior to other metals. If the connection stays and is not loosened, oxygen is unable to penetrate the connection point to further oxide.

Aluminum wiring is a concern in residential homes built during the 1960’s and 1970’s and any home built in that time frame should be inspected and have the aluminum wiring replaced by copper or other safe alternatives.

If your home or commercial building was constructed during the popularity of aluminum wiring contact Electric Man or another electrical contractor to assess and possibly replace the wiring system. Aluminum wiring is a safety hazard as it has a tendency to start a fire where and when the wire is spliced or connects to an outlet, switch or circuit breaker.

Aluminum wiring has a tendency to expand and shrink with the fluctuation of temperature, this makes it even more dangerous in Calgary and other Southern Alberta towns. The change in consistency due to changing climate  can result in overheating and sparks that can cause a fire.

Contact Electric Man today for an electrical inspection to determine if your home or property has aluminum wiring.

Aluminum Wiring In Your Home

If your home has aluminum wiring it is important to contact an electrical professional to inspect the property and assess an appropriate course of action. Aluminum wiring was a popular alternative for over a decade and has been found in numerous Calgary homes. Make sure you are educated on the damages, and the safety risk associated with having aluminum wiring in your home.

Aluminum Wiring At Work

Aluminum wiring was also a popular alternative to copper wiring in commercial construction during the 1960’s and 1970’s. If you believe your office, building or commercial property was built or repaired using aluminum wiring you should contact an electrical contractor immediately to inspect the property and plan an appropriate course of action.

Electrical Upgrades

If aluminum wiring has been found in your home or business it could be time for an electrical upgrade. An electrical upgrade will not only remove the hazardous aluminum wiring from the property it will also bring the building to the times. Ensuring that the panels are to date, surge protection is installed and more. Contact Electric Man today for an electrical upgrade consultation.

Why Aluminum Wiring Was Used

Aluminum wiring was originally used for residential construction during the 1960’s and 1970’s and a little during the 1990’s, it gained popularity during the high-cost period of copper wiring. But there were other benefits associated with the hazardous wiring material such as its light weight that made it easy to maneuver and install over long distance wiring projects. Aluminum wiring had a reduced electrical discharge associated with high power transmissions, this made it more “efficient” for areas of higher electrical outputs.

The main benefit of aluminum wiring was the cost savings, as half the amount of aluminum was needed than copper for a wiring installation. Though cost effective, over the years the hazards of aluminum wiring have greatly outweighed the economic benefit.

Disadvantage of Aluminum Wiring

If aluminum wiring has not been installed properly it can greatly increase the chances of an electrical fire in your home or business. Aluminum wiring will expand when heated and contract when cooled, the change in density with the change in temperature loosens the connection and causes sparking which leads to a fire due to the wirings close proximity to insulation and wooden framing.

Aluminum wires often require a much higher level of maintenance, and though initially more cost effective than copper, these regular maintenance calls very quickly exceed the initial economic savings. If you require aluminum wiring services or aluminum wiring replacement contact ElectricMan.

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