Panel Upgrades

Electrical panels control the level of electricity governed and dispersed to the property. Make sure you have the right panel for your needs.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Panel upgrades represent the primary power source or outlet in your property. Whether you have a home, commercial or industrial property, your electrical panel distribute electricity throughout your home via several differ branch circuits.  Make sure that your property is not in any danger due to old, inadequate and or damaged electrical panels.

Old main panels can be maxed out, damaged, exposed and frankly inferior for your electrical needs. Newly built main panels incorporate more innovative designs aspects and allow for much more electrical output. To increase the electrical services capacity and the electrical safety in your home, upgrade your panel today.

Contact the main panel upgrade experts at Electric Man with all you Calgary panel upgrade needs. Our team can replace and upgrade main panels in your residential, commercial and or industrial property. Contact Electric Man for a professional panel upgrade service today!

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New vs. Old Electrical Panels

There are a few drawbacks associated with using old main electrical panels in your home, business or industrial property.  Old main panels have limited electrical output allowances and exposed wires that can lead to a tripping hazards and or fires in the property. Old main panels rely on fuses, which may raise problems when you are attempting to insure the property. New main panels rely on breakers instead of fuses, which allows for a safer panel that supplies increased electrical service in the building. For more information on why you should upgrade your main panel, call or email Electric Man today!

Residential Panel Upgrades

Old residential panels that are built with fuses can be less than ideal for Calgary homes. Old fuse panels have very limited energy output rates and when are pushed to capacity beyond, can become electrical shock risks in the home.  Utilize a panel upgrade service now to receive a non-obsolete main panel that is safe for the home and its residents. The Electric Man team is here 24/7 to help with any of your Calgary residential panel upgrade needs. We have the skills to complete your panel upgrade fast and professionally!

Commercial Panel Upgrades

Businesses often require lots of electricity to operate properly. Several offices, spaces or machines call require very large levels of electrical output. An old or obsolete main panel can lead to serious issues for your business. A major blow in your panel can cause for your commercial property to go without electricity until the panel is repaired. This can lead to missed business opportunities and large overall losses for the business.  To proactively protect your business and its operation, consider the panel upgrade services offered by Electric Man.

Panel Upgrade Process

A panel upgrade with Eclectic Man is a fast process that leaves your home, business or industrial property with a top of the line main panel. We can handle all of the outside paperwork and building regulations. We will shut off the power to your while the work is being completed and returned one the process is complete. Eclectic Man is here 24/7 for your emergency panel upgrade needs. Whether you have an emergency panel blowout, or are looking to schedule any Calgary panel upgrade projects, contact Electric Man today!

Panel Upgrades Calgary

Calgary is a fast paced city. Your homes and business likely need a ton of electricity to operate, and will immediately feel the burden of no electricity. In most Calgary buildings, the light appliances, security systems and much more rely on a functioning main panel to work properly. Make sure that your home, business or industrial property is able to get the electrical output it needs with a panel upgrade. Upgrading the panels in your property allows for more energy output, in a much safer way. Call or email the professionals at Eclectic Man with all your Calgary panel replacement or upgrade needs!