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ElectricMan provides a variety of professional commercial electrical services in Calgary & surrounding areas.

Commercial Electrical Repairs

Businesses across Alberta rely on functioning electrical systems to provide a safe and suitable environment for work. A well-lit office space, storefront, and commercial interior is key to a businesses success as consumers and employees and occupants all rely on a functioning commercial property. Commercial security systems work to safeguard businesses and their employees. Electrical appliances and systems also allow for manufacturing, lighting, along with other functions.

If you commercial electrical systems begin to function less optimally or fully malfunction, it can be detrimental to your business. Though, attempting to provide your own repairs can be dangerous, expensive and difficult. In addition, evidence of an improper DIY commercial electrical attempt can lead to insurance claims being denied. Keep your business on the right track with professional commercial electrical repair services.

ElectricMan we specialise in commercial electrical repairs and replacement to ensure your commercial electrical systems are running efficiently, safely and correctly. Our team is available for scheduled and emergency electrical services. Call or email Electric Man today for professional commercial repairs.

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Commercial Lighting Repairs

Lighting fixtures serve a number of roles in businesses of any size. For stores, restaurants and meeting rooms, lighting helps to set the mood and showcase a professional atmosphere. For office spaces, lighting is required for employees to accomplish their various goals. Lighting system issues can be sourced to the bulb, the connection, the wiring or even the electrical panel. Commercial lighting systems can become damaged or stop working due to rodent infestation and chewing, wiring malfunctions, floods and other propepty issues. If some or all of your commercial lights have gone out, are flickering or are showing signs of disrepair, contact ElectricMan, we provide 24/7 service to ensure your commercial lighting and electrical systems are always working.

Emergency Commercial Electrical Repairs

Often times, electrical mishaps can come about without warning and cause serious issues for your business that lead to loss of revenue and halt of production. Most commercial electrical repair cost between $160 and $510, though the specific time requirements and materials will dictate the exact cost.  If your commercial appliances, lighting, fuses, switches, cable lines, data lines, systems or even electrical signs become damaged or stop working for any reason, your business can suffer rather quickly. That is why at ElectricMan, we offer professional emergency electrical repair services. We can work fast to have your business electrical up and running once again.

Commercial Appliance Repair

Has your commercial appliance stopped working properly? Whether your appliances work for business communication, manufacturing, logistics, or other services, it will not accomplish its job without proper electrical repairs. Large fridges or walk-in freezers, POS systems, logistic management appliances, printer systems, and many others can require electrical repairs. Don’t let this damaged appliance hurt your business functions any longer. At ElectricMan, we offer professional repair services for the most complex commercial appliances. We can work to inspect and repair your commercial appliance to its previously functioning position.

Commercial Electrical Repair Services

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