Surge Protection

Surge protection helps prevent damages caused by power surges to protect your electrical systems.

Surge Protection Services

Surge protection is usually controlled by a surge protector. Surge protectors are appliances or a device that is designed to protect electrical devices and equipment from high voltage spikes or power surges. A surge protector is installed to limit the voltage supplied to an electrical device, this is done by blocking or shorting out any unwanted voltages above the designated power threshold.

Power surges can come from a range of sources and severely damage lighting systems, electrical systems and/or appliances within your home or business. Surge protectors and having surge protection in your home, business or industrial property can protect not only the individuals occupying the property but also save on potentially large electrical repair costs. 

Power strips, surge protectors, and other products can all be useful tools for protecting your property from power surges. Whether your goal is to make your home safer or increase the voltage from a power source you will need some kind of surge protection services. Utilize the services of a professional surge protection electrical contractor to make sure that the proper products; equipment’s and services were applied to the surge protection of your property.

The ElectricMan team has years of experience with residential and commercial surge protection. We have helped clients across Calgary and surrounding areas with emergency surge protection services and surge protection upgrades. Electrical upgrades, new appliances, and electric vehicles all require surge protection, contact us today to schedule a consultation. For surge protection Calgary trust ElectricMan.

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Residential Surge Protection

Even top quality home wiring, appliances, and fixtures can be damaged by powerful electrical surges.  Your lighting and the appliances in your home can quickly be impaired and even ruined by outside power surges, or by overuse of electrical outlets. Having damaged or non-functional electrical systems can quickly deplete the level of comfort in your home and create an unnecessary safety hazard. Professional surge protection services can protect your residential property from the damaging effects of power surges.

Commercial Surge Protection

Businesses need to be operational or production and sales halt. Power surges can cause major lighting, electrical system, and electrical appliance damages that can be limiting on a business. Businesses can suffer major losses if their offices or any commercial property is damaged by large power surges. To protect your commercial property from power surges invest in professional power surge protection services.

Industrial Surge Protection

Industrial buildings and warehouses rely largely on their lighting and electrical systems functioning properly. To ensure the safety, security, and efficiencies of the industrial property surge protection is a must. Ensure the quality, longevity and overall protection of your industrial property electrical systems, with surge protection services. Surge protectors can block powerful electricity surges from entering your industrial property and potentially ruining your property and equipment.

Power Surge Protection

Surge protection needs vary property to property. Dependent on the size of the property and the electrical needs, different levels of surge protectors are needed to properly protect the home or business. Surge protectors range in price and effectiveness, that is why it is recommended to consult with an electrical contractor before installing surge protection as surge protection can range in a number of joules. Contact ElectricMan today with all your Calgary surge protection needs!

Appliance Surge Protection

Appliances in your residential, commercial or industrial property often face the most serious and impactful damages from power surges. There are a variety of specialized surge protector products and services designed especially for the appliance protection. Appliances can be wrecked and the warranty voided if a power surge occurs and the appliance isn’t protected. Utilize appliance surge protection services to protect your residential or commercial appliances.