Solar Panels

If You Are Considering Solar Energy For Your Home Or Business Contact ElectricMan.

Solar Panel Installation

Are you looking to convert your commercial or residential property to efficient solar energy? If you are considering using solar panels to power your property or partially power your property the first step is to schedule a consultation to see if solar energy is right for you. Solar panels for your home and business require professional installation to ensure the panels are placed properly and the proper electrical system is setup. 

Solar panels can make your home or business more energy and financially efficient, solar panels can help save money by lowering the high energy bills associated with powering a property.

The solar panel installation professionals at Electric Man are here 24 hours a day for your solar panel needs. We can help ensure that your solar panels meet your energy and cost goals and requirements, we can also help guide you to receive potential tax incentives attributed to green energy. Trust your Calgary solar panel installation needs to the experts at Electric Man!

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels can add value to any homes, not only improve its efficiency and operating cost but resale value as well. Solar panels offer a cleaner energy source that helps to save homeowners money from the first day they are active. Solar Panel technology is constantly changing and evolving making the panels smaller, more efficient and longer lasting solar panels are no longer the large clunky items they were. If you are looking to instal solar panels on your home contact ElectricMan, we can outline the benefits of solar energy and help find the panels that best match your needs.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels can help make your business more energy and cost efficient while improving on its value.  Installing solar panels on your commercial property can represent a “go-green” initiative for your business, not only helping the environment but improving on the properties sustainability. If you are looking to fully or partially transfer your business over to solar energy consult with an electrical contractor to see if Solar Energy is right for you.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Installing solar panel on your home or business can have a number of benefits. Not only are the panels more efficient they are at a low cost to the property owner. Solar energy and solar panel benefits include:

  1. Lower Energy Bills
  2. Cleaner Energy Being Used
  3. Using a Sustainable & Renewable Resources
  4. Promote Eco-Friendly Initiatives
  5. Increase Property Value
  6. Government Tax Incentives

Contact ElectricMan today to find out if solar energy is right for you!

Solar Panel Installation Process

Alberta gets a lot of sunshine! This makes Calgary homes and businesses ideal for solar panels. Proper installation processes are required to make sure that home and business owners get the most from the solar panel system. 

  1. Step 1: Property Inspection
  2. Step 2: Solar Project Planning
  3. Step 3: Choose The Solar Panels Best Suited To You
  4. Step 4: Upgrade Any Needed Electrical Systems
  5. Step 5: Instal Solar Inverters
  6. Step 6: Install Solar Panels
  7. Step 7: Test Solar Panels