Commercial Surge Protection

Electrical power surges are some of the most common sources of electrical equipment failure. Failing electrical equipment in your business can mean that operations are halted, lights go out or that security and fire alarms are disabled. Protect your business from power surges with a surge protection device (SPD).

SPDs work by effectively diverting external power surges into the ground. This limits the impact and voltage that your equipment absorbs. A highly functional grounding system must be incorporated in your business to get the most from your SPD.

There are numerous types of SPDs that can offer different ratings, different prices and more. For information and professional SPD installation services, contact ElectricMan today. We can make sure you receive the perfect SPD for your business needs.

Protect From More Than Lightning Surges

The most common and obvious source of electrical surges comes from lighting strikes. Though, lightning is far from the sole source of electrical surges. External surges can also come from utility switching or from a large conductor accidentally becoming grounded, such as when a power line falls to the ground. Surges can come from inside the building as well. Internal power surges are sourced through appliances that receive larger than projected levels of voltage. An effectively placed and rated SPD can help keep your business protected from surges and fully operational.

Surge Protection And Electrical Grounding

SPDs work in cooperation with your building grounding systems. A grounding system incorporates reference points to measure voltages and to provide a pathway for electrical current to return to the earth. SPDs direct large electrical surges away from your appliances and equipment and direct them to the grounding system to be expelled from the business. A low-resistance grounding system with a single reference point can offer the most efficient surge protection opportunities. Professional contractors can first inspect your grounding system to ensure it is up to code and that it is ready to support an SPD.

Surge Protector Ratings

Specific SPDs are more effective for varying protection zones and appliances. Some SPDs are designed to protect small appliances, while others are meant to protect the electrical entry points of major commercial equipment. SPDs will have specific voltage limits on the device that dictate what level of surge the device is effective against. SPDs also let though specific amounts of voltage, which is the amount of voltage your appliance will feel when a surge occurs. Make sure that the let through voltage limit on the SPD is not higher than the voltage limits of your proposed protected equipment.

Surge Protector Installation

Installing the SPD as close to the equipment provides the most effective protection option. Cable lengths to the grounding reference points should aim to be as straight and short as possible to offer the least resistive flow for escaping electrical currents. Surge protectors are manufactured with indicators to dictate if the device and grounding systems are operating properly. Many SPDs also have switches that show, if flipped that the device has faced a surge higher than it’s limit and is no longer effective. A properly installed and maintained SPD is key to consistent electric surge protection.

Surge Protector Pricing

Different voltage limits, styles, zone manufacturing considerations and more can dictate the price of your SPD. Commonly, these devices offer a large pricing variance, from around $150 to well over $6,000. These devices help protect your equipment from future repair costs and protect your business from electrical shortcomings that can hurt operations. To make sure you receive the perfect SPD for your business and that the device is perfectly installed, contact the ElectricMan team today we handle commercial surge protection Calgary.