Solar Panel Services

Solar power harnesses the power of sunlight and converts it into electricity. ElectricMan installs the panels and ensures the proper electrical system is in place.

Solar Panels in Calgary

Solar power harnesses the suns energy and converts it into energy. Many businesses and homes are utilizing solar technology to power their property. At ElectricMan, we work with both commercial and residential solar projects providing services for repairs, maintenance, and installations. Our Solar services include:

  • Panel Installation
  • Grid tied installations
  • Battery Based Installations
  • General Maintenance
  • Home Energy Assessments

Solar Panel Installation Process

Having your solar panels installed by a professional electrician will have the longevity and durability while functioning the way they are supposed to. Below is the solar panel installation process.

  1. Site Assesment & Approval: The first step in the solar panel process is a consultation with one of our professional solar panel experts. Our team will assess the site, and find the best location to set up the solar panels to get optimal results. Before we install the panels we ensure that we get the proper approval from the community and municipality.
  2. Getting Solar Permits: Once the solar panel project gets the necessary approval from the city, we must obtain the proper permits to allow for construction/panel installation. The timing on when the panels are installed depends on how quickly local governments approve the project, generally, approval is between 2-8 weeks.
  3. Solar Panel Installation: Once we obtain the building permits we can begin the installation of the solar panels. This process is usually done by a professional electrician, we usually install the panels on the roof facing south to obtain the highest level of natural light.
  4. City Inspection: After the solar panels are installed the city of Calgary comes to expect the property to ensure the installation is done properly and the construction is to code. This is the final phase before we connect the grid.
  5. Electrical Connections & Energy Savings: When the electrical utility company grants Permission to use the solar panels, and the city approves the installation we can set up the grid and begin to generate clean energy for a home or business. Solar panels create clean and affordable energy.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy has many benefits, first off solar energy is a renewable and sustainable resource, meaning that it will never deplete or run out. Another benefit of solar energy is the relatively low maintenance that is required. After the panels are installed and operate at maximum efficiency only a small amount of annual maintenance is required to maintain their optimal efficiency levels.

Solar energy is also a silent energy producer, there is no sound involved in the energy process. That combined with the constant advancements and bursaries associated with this energy source make the benefits immense.

Solar Panel Repair
Solar Energy Savings