Professional Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections are vital to ensure the safety of each home & business owner. Our thorough electrical inspections analyze your electrical system for safety and also for financial savings. We make sure your home is safe and efficient.

14 Point Electrical Inspection

  1. Main meter panel, breakers & fused disconnect are wired correctly & in operating condition.
  2. Disconnects, fuses & breakers are sized correctly.
  3. The laundry area electrical system is in operating condition.
  4. Electric to HVAC (heating, ventilation & airconditioning) is in operating condition.
  5. Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors are installed & working. if 10+ years they should be replaced.
  6. Accessible kitchen receptacles are in operating condition.
  7. Adequate safety & security lighting.
  8. Grounding system meets code requirements.
  9. Lighting fixtures are in operating condition.
  10. Exhaust fans are in operating condition.
  11. AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter) protection throughout.
  12. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection throughout.
  13. Energy efficient systems (T-stat, LED lighting etc.)
  14. Check for aluminum wiring

Fire Alarm Inspections

Throughout Alberta, including Calgary, it is mandatory to have regular inspections of the fire alarm system within a home or business. Routine electrical inspections and frequent tune-ups make sure that the fire alarm system is working properly, ensuring everyone’s safety. We are professional electricians that understand the fire alarm code.ensure that the fire alarm systems are up to code. The qualified electricians at ElectricMan can inspect your residential and commercial fire alarms and do any necessary repairs.


Electrical Safety Inspections

We professionally conduct a 14 point electrical inspection that examines the efficiency and safety of a property. There are numerous potential electrical hazards in any home or business, including aluminum wiring, fire alarms, open sockets, and more can be very harmful leading to serious injury or death. Our first priority is the safety of our customers, contact us today to schedule an electrical safety inspection.


Energy Efficiency Inspections

The sustainability and environmental impact a residential or commercial property has, is becoming important for people in Calgary and surrounding communities. We can professionally inspect a property to ensure that the building and electrical system is modernized with environmentally sustainable technology. We can have a property optimized for efficiency, potentially lowering energy costs while reducing the emissions and consumption.

Electrical Inspections Calgary

If you live in Calgary it is important to have your property examined for electrical problems by a professional. If you sublease or have an income property it is mandatory to have the unit inspected by a licensed electrical contractor.

Electrical inspections can ensure a home or business is efficient and safe. Contact us today to schedule your electrical inspection!

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