Electrical Companies

If you are in need of an electrical inspection, repair, upgrade or installation services, contact a trusted electrical company. Professional electrical contractors can help with nearly any specific electrical service requirement. With years of experience and education, it takes a high level of commitment, passion and work ethic to become a professional electrician.

Do not undergo your own electrical project. DIY efforts can lead to injuries, property damages and higher project expenses. Take the burden and risk of your shoulders with the services of a professional.

The team at ElectricMan represents one of the finest electrical companies Calgary has to offer. Our team is lead by a Master Electrician and collectively, we have decades of professional experience. Call or email ElectricMan today with your service needs.

What Electrical Companies Can Do For You

Professional electrical companies provide a range of services to help with the electrical needs of your home or business. Variable electrical appliances, property appliances, wiring, energy efficiency and safety services can be offered. These are some of the common services and electrical company can offer.

  • Electrical Safety & Efficiency Inspections
  • Wiring Repairs & Upgrades
  • Electrical Panel Repair, Replacements & Upgrades
  • Surge Protection Services
  • Electrical Renovations
  • New Lighting Installations
  • Solar Panels
  • Luxury Appliance Services
  • Security System Inspections & Installations
  • Fire Alarm Inspection & Installations
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Systems

At ElectricMan, we have experience serving residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Risks Of DIY Electrical Efforts

Attempting a DIY electrical project can seem less costly and can seem like a great learning opportunity. Though, when considering the time and equipment that goes into the project as well as the risks of attempting the project without adequate experience, DIY electrical work can be less than ideal. These 4 issues are commonly associated with DIY electrical projects.

  • Electrical Fires – Improper wiring and fuse connections can lead to overheating systems and electrical fires.
  • Electrocution – Coming in contact with exposed wires can cause electrocution. Improper wire grounding creates an opportunity for future shocks. Every year, hundreds of Canadians face electrocution from DIY efforts.
  • Permitting & Inspection Issues – Most electrical products require permits. Electrical permits, annual permits, fire alarm permits and single construction permits can all be required. Failure to obtain the required permits can result in re-doing work, fines, failed inspections and other issues.
  • Non-Functional Systems – If your electrical system is not properly installed, the system can lack functionality. From flickering lights to non-functional appliances, too lacking energy savings, a DIY project can leave lacklustre results.

Professional Electrical Companies

Becoming a professional electrician in Alberta is an intensive process. This is the general process of becoming a certified electrician. Specific years and hours can vary based on the individual.

  • An individual must apply for the “Red Seal” apprenticeship program. This program is defined by individual provinces and upon completion dictates that the individual is able to provide a standard of excellence in their field.
  • 4 Years if schooling and work experience hours are required to complete the Electrical Red Seal program. School terms 2-4 require specific work hours in order to enrol.
  • The fourth year examination is referred to as the Red Seal Examination or the Journeyman Examination.
  • After years of working as a journeyman electrician, these contractors can take the exam that showcases superior knowledge of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). This leaves them as a Master Electrician, who can source permits and provide final project inspections.

These years of education and experience provide professional electrical companies with the abilities to meet each of your commercial or residential electrical needs.

Hiring Your Electrical Contractor

Working with the wrong contractor can spell disaster. Limited service levels, mistakes in the installation, gouging costs and more showcases why it is important to make sure you hire the right company for your needs.

  • Make sure the contractor you hire has passed the “Red Seal” examination and that the company has a Master Electrician on staff for final project inspections.
  • Does the company provide 24-hour support? An electrical company that truly cares about the services they offer and the clients they help is here when you need them.
  • Get a free estimate from a trusted contractor. Compare the estimate with other companies to make sure you are not overpaying. Though, the cheapest estimate is not always best, as the company offering this price can also offer less than professional workmanship.
  • Ask for previous work examples. Check out the company’s online project gallery. If your need is quite specialised, inquire about specific experience with projects of this nature.
  • Finally, only work with companies that have the required insurance, licensing and who can obtain required project permits.

At ElectricMan we are the 24-hours a day to help with the initial inspection and project design. We can provide all the installation service needs, as well as can obtain all permits required for the project. Finally, we can provide all the final inspections for our work.