Electrical Construction

ElectricMan Provides A Number Of Professional Electrical Services For Construction Projects.

Electrical Construction Services

Electrical functionality and safety need to remain a top priority during any property construction process, whether you require commercial or residential electrical work you can trust the team at ElectricMan. Electrical systems ensure safe and adequate power is available for the property providing sustainability, longevity, and efficiency.

Improper electrical construction can lead to major setbacks during the construction process, and be very hazardous as the system remains. The process of constructing a property electrical system requires high levels of industry knowledge, we can handle the design & build of the electrical system. It is not recommended that property owners attempt their own electrical construction project. We have experience with electrical renovations, industrial projects, and commercial construction.

Electrical Construction Services

At ElectricMan we provide a number of commercial and residential electrical services. Electrical wiring systems are installed during property construction to ensure that each respective areas and or appliances in the property can receive the required amount of electricity. Homes, businesses, and industrial properties can each require very different electrical construction needs and a proper panels, surge protection and lighting systems can improve the value and functionality of the property. The lighting in a new property construction plays major roles, and a professional electrician ensures that you are lighting system is aesthetic, energy efficient and functional. 

Lighting Services

Lighting can improve the look, appearance, and efficiency of a home. Our team can supply and install the ideal lighting for your home or business. We offer lighting services for electrical construction projects. The right lighting systems and fixture can make all the difference, LED lighting can provide a great alternative that is long lasting and cost effective. Constructing a home with these lights can save you close to $3.00 in energy per bulb, per bulb in Alberta, compared to incandescent bulbs.. Get the most from your upcoming property with stunning and custom lighting from ElectricMan, contact us today!

Electrical Wiring Construction Services

Electrical wiring is an important aspect of any electrical system, it governs the amount of electricity governed to each area of the property. During electrical construction, an electrical contractor will design and build the proper wiring system with panels and surge protection. The right style of wiring and perfect wire installation processes need to be used in various instances so the system functions safely and properly. 

Appliance Installation & Repair

Electrical construction projects need to consider the usage of appliances in various aspects of the property. Commercial, residential and industrial properties will each require different appliances that require differing levels of energy. Electrical repair costs can range from $50 to over $350, depending on the damage, time requirements and materials required to fix the damage. At ElectricMan we provide 24/7 electrical construction services and can help repair and maintain your electrical appliances. Call or email the team at ElectricMan to schedule an electrical construction consultation!

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