Electrical Renovations

If you are undergoing a home renovation and require the services of a professional electrician contact ElectricMan.

Electrical Renovation Services

Electrical renovations can involve an absolute selection of items in your property. Lighting systems, security systems, and wiring can be replaced. Surge protectors, new electrical panels, and luxury appliances can be installed. Electrical renovations can offer a number of great benefits. Electrical renovations can require permits and need to be accomplished or inspected by a master electrician. An improper renovation can lead to faulty systems, lacking electrical functionally, electrocution and fires.

If you have questions or plans for an electrical renovation contact ElectricMan today. We can offer a diverse range of commercial and residential electrical renovation series. We can also work to inspect and DIY projects.

Surge Protection

Surge protectors block electrical surges that enter your home from blowing breakers or from damaging appliances. Surge protectors will be labelled with an amperage limit that defines the level of electrical surge they can protect against. If the amperage limit sign is broken or if your surge protector has recently blocked a large sure, consider having the appliance replaced.

Home Theatres

Home theatres are luxury benefits that your ohm can offer. The proper installation, speaker placement and soundproofing measures need to be taken to get the most from the system.

Security Systems

Security systems help protect your property, increase your property’s value and help promote a safe environment for living and working. At ElectricMan, we are here 24 hours a day to service your security system installation and repair needs.

Electrical Wring Upgrades

During the 1960’s and 1970’s aluminum wire saw a rise in popularity in regards to property wiring solutions. The price of copper had risen and aluminum offers similar benefits but at less material weight and lower costs. Though aluminum is too malleable to be a safe wire material. The wire can expand and bend when heated, as well as can overheat enough to cause electrical fires. If your home contains aluminum wires, have home replaced with copper today!

New Lighting Installations

New lighting installations can offer energy savings and aesthetic benefits. Fixture upgrades can better suit the overall design of your home. Moving from an incandescent to a LED light can save you property upwards of $10 per year per bulb.

Panel Upgrades

Old electrical panels pose major fire risks. Old breakers and fuses can overheat, which can transfer to surrounding insulation, wood framing and wires. Have your old or damaged electrical panel replaced with a double-pole system.

Hot Tubs

When installing a hot tub there are several different wires and fuses that need to be installed so that the tub can offer all of its amenities and programmable features. Circuit boards, thermostats, lighting, time clocks, and more rely directly on proper electrical installations. Let a professional electrician take the burden off your back.

Electrical Renovation Services

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