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Contact ElectricMan for professional electrical services in Calgary, our professionalism and dedication to quality make the difference.

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Electrical systems can play a major role in the attractiveness of your Calgary home or business. Electrical features, lighting fixtures and more can make for a very comfortable and upscale feel around the property. Conversely, an electrical system that lacks functionality can cause a home or business to seem rather uninviting and can even be dangerous. An improper electrical system can lead to electrocution, fires, fines and more. It is never recommended to attempt your own electrical renovations or installations or to reside in a property without a fully functioning and safe electrical system. Utilise professional electrical services to ensure that your electrical system is safe and your needs are fully met.

At Electric Man, we have years of professional Calgary electrical services experience. Our skilled contractors have years of professional journeyman master and apprenticeship hours, backed with years of industry education. We can ensure that your system is safe as well as provide professional renovation and installation services. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced Calgary electricians today.

Services An Electrician Can Provide

Experienced Calgary electrical contractors can provide a range of specific services to meet your electrical needs. Some of the key services for residential and commercial clients are:

  • Electrical Repairs – Electrical repairs can be required when a lighting fixture stops working, switches are malfunctioning and or appliances are not working.
  • Electrical Renovations – If you are looking for new features, a panel upgrade, speciality outdoor lighting, security system upgrades or installations or other ways to improve your electrical systems, contact Electric Man today!
  • Electrical Installations – Electrical wiring, lighting features, surge protectors, new panels and more can all be professionally installed.
  • Electrical Maintenance – Regular maintenance of your appliances and systems can reduce the need for large repairs down the road.
  • Electrical Troubleshooting – The professional diagnosis of your commercial or residential electrical issues.

No matter what specific electrical services your require, you can trust the experts at Electric Man to get the job done right!

Residential Electrician Calgary

A professional residential electrician can meet your specific electrical needs and ensure that your home systems are fully functioning. If you are looking for new lighting installations, panel upgrades, wiring replacements, surge protection services of other residential electrical services you can trust your needs to the professionals at Electric Man. Even though it is never recommended to do DIY electrical work, the experts at Electric Man can also make sure that your efforts are safe and up to code.

Commercial Electrician Calgary

Electrical systems are key aspects of any commercial property. From well-lit storefronts and offices to highly functioning appliances; commercial properties rely on electrical systems to meet their business needs. If your commercial electrical systems begin to show signs of damage, or if you are in need of an upgrade of any kind, feel free to contact the experts at Electric Man. We can work to inspect, repair, maintain and or upgrade your commercial electronics and electrical systems.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Electrician

A professional Calgary electrician can provide specific commercial or residential electrical projects for your home or business. Electricians ensure that your projects are designed for you and that the finished product is completely up to code. Professionals have liability for the job and offer surety bonds that state you will receive a specified sum of money of the contractor fails to complete the job. Electrical contractors can also work to acquire any permits or licencing for the proposed projects. DIY electrical projects can result in property damage, systems that aren’t up to code, future fires and serious injury through electrocution. Hiring a professional Calgary electrician ensures the success of your project and our personal safety.

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