Electrical Inspections

ElectricMan provides a variety of professional electrical inspection services including energy efficiency inspections.

Energy Efficiency Inspections

Is your home or business less energy efficient as it could be? If you think your home or business energy bills could be lower, consider an energy efficiency inspection. Having your systems inspected can provide finical savings and make a “greener” property.

Several aspects of your home and or business can be inspected in during the inspection process. There are several small improvements you can make to your property to make it more energy efficient and lower your energy expenses. Don’t let your home or business be more costly to own than it needs to be.

At ElectricMan, we can inspect every potential aspect of your property for energy efficiency shortcomings. We are committed to finding every way that your property will be more environmentally friendly and cost friendly. The professionals at ElectricMan can also provide any of the services required to improve the energy efficiency of your home or business.

Preparing For Electrical Inspection

As the property owner, you can take several steps to make your home or business prepared for the inspection.

  1. Make a list of existing issues.
  2. Acquire summaries of past energy bills.
  3. Be prepared to answer questions regarding when people are using the property, average thermostat temperatures, the number of residents, the rooms used the most and several others. These questions can help discover simple ways to reduce the property’s energy consumption.

Energey Efficiency Reports

Assessments aim to find areas or appliances in the home or business that are wasting energy and driving up your energy bills. After a complete inspection, you will receive a professional energy efficiency assessment report. The report can include the following:

  1. The energy rating of the property and a full explanation.
  2. A breakdown of energy uses.
  3. An estimated annual usage of gas, elec, ricity and oil.
  4. Energy reduction recommendations.

Energy Efficiency Inspection Savings

By adhering the recommendations made after a full energy efficient inspection, your property can see a number of energy and financial savings. Some examples of these savings are:

  1. LED lighting can save property owners upwards of $10 per bulb per year.
  2. Advanced power strips can save property owner upwards of $30 per year.
  3. Appliance rebates from energy efficient units.
  4. Insulation upgrades can reduce your energy requirements by more than 20%.
  5. Sealed air leaks leading more consistent air temperatures.

When To Have Your Property Inspected

Your home or business can always benefit from energy improvements and inspections. Though, there are some key times when an energy efficient inspection can offer the most benefits.

  • Heavy Operating Times – Christmas lights, Halloween decorations, cold winters and hot summers can all force your home or business to expend above average levels of energy. Have your home or business inspected before or during these times to learn how they create a lesser burden on your finances.
  • Property Renovations – Having a home or business inspected prior to a renovation can help guide the renovation’s priorities in regards to creating a more energy efficiency and functional property.
  • Purchasing A Property – Consider the energy rating performance label of a home or business before purchasing the property. If a rating is not yet provided, have the property inspected.

Energy Efficiency Auditing Process

A full energy efficiency audit incorporates several different aspects of your property. These are the common areas and energy efficiency inspection considers.

  • All Air Leaks – All air leaks and drafts in your home or business will be found. Windows, cracked siding and doors are common areas where air can be escaping or entering your property. Any air leaks can be efficiently sealed.
  • Insulation – Areas that lack insulation or areas where insulation has been damaged can provide and abundance of unwanted air flow in your property. Insulation can be inspected for proper depth, R-value and for any contaminants like mold.
  • Lighting – Lights that are not energy efficient can force your properties energy requirements to soar. Lighting accounts for about 25% of a home or businesses electrical bill. Your lights will be inspected for broken connection points or non-energy-efficient bulbs. Replacing incandescent bulb with LEDs or compact fluorescent bulbs can provide the same lighting benefits with less than half of the energy expended.
  • Heating & Cooling Appliances – These appliances should be inspected annually for cracks or leaks. Force-air furnace filters should be changed every 4 months. If a heating or cooling unit is more than 15 years old, it should be replaced.
  • Property Appliances – Appliances like TVs, game consoles, speakers, kitchen appliances and more can raise an energy bill. Unplug items when they aren’t in use to limit idling energy consumption. Consider low energy settings. If need be, your appliances can be replaced with more energy efficient options.

At ElectricMan, we will inspect each of these areas and provide several recommendations to help make your property more energy efficient. We can provide all the following service requirements as well.

Residential Energy Efficiency Inspection
Commercial Energy Efficiency Inspection
Industrial Energy Efficiency Inspection