Panel Upgrades & Replacement

At ElectricMan we can professionally replace your residential or commercial electrical panel.

Electrical Panel Replacements

An electrical panel is the control system of most residential and commercial electrical systems. Panels distribute the various electrical output lines throughout the property. A damaged or out-dated electrical panel can have a number of drawbacks. If you are dealing with an old or damaged electrical panel, a replacement and/or panel upgrades can provide a range of benefits. Attempting to replace your own electrical panels can be very difficult and costly leading to potential injury. Replacements that aren’t properly completed can often result in further repair requirements and even electrical fires.

At ElectricMan our electrical experts can work efficiently to remove the old panel and replace it with an updated and more optimal one. Call or email ElectricMan today for an electrical panel inspection, removal and or replacement consultation.

Old Electrical Panels

Out-dated electrical panels can offer electrical output levels that are less than ideal for today’s requirements for appliances and electrical systems. Fuse based electrical panels were common in Candian homes until the late 1980’s. New appliances, lighting fixtures, and other electrical devices can require high levels of electricity that can put old fuse-based panels at risk. Old panels that are stressed, rusted or otherwise damaged can also lead to electrical fires in your home or business. If your panel shows any signs of damage or is still a fuse-based model, contact ElectricMan for professional panel replacement services.

Panel Replacements With Electric Man

Our residential and commercial electricians can work safely and efficiently to replace your old, damaged or otherwise obsolete electrical panel. If you are undergoing a renovation, contact ElectricMan to schedule an electrical panel replacement consultation. If your panel is crackling, sparking or damaged in any way, our team is available 24/7 for emergency panel replacement services.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

A common form of electrical panel replacement is upgrading the panel to a larger system or a system that offers more electrical output. Panels that are out-dated can also be upgraded to a panel system that offers increased output, efficiency, and stability in your home or business. Electrical panel upgrades can be effective for ensuring that your appliances, lighting systems, security systems and more remain safe and functional for your business or home lifestyle needs. For more information on electrical panel upgrades, contact ElectricMan.

Signs You Need A Panel Replacement

Upgraded electrical panels can be safer and offer an increase in electrical outputs. These are 5 common signs you need a new electrical panel:

  • Your panel contains fuses instead of circuit breakers.
  • Your wiring is faulty or in need of replacement.
  • You’re undergoing home renovation and require increased electrical output to support the renovation.
  • Your property uses an abundance of power strips.
  • Your panel breakers are beginning to malfunction or crackling sounds are coming from the panel.

Panel Replacement Process

Replacing a home or businesses electrical panel is a serious task that should be accomplished by a professional. The general steps involved in a replacement process are:

  • Turn Off The Power – Turning off all the power in your home or business ensures a safe working environment for the replacement.
  • Label Wires – Labelling the various connection wires before you remove any breakers so they can be efficiently re-installed into the new panel.
  • Remove Old Breakers – Take out all individual breakers or fuses.
  • Remove The Main System Box – The main breaker can now be removed.
  • Prepare The New Panel – Reattaching wires to the new breaker and mounting the panel box.
  • Install The New Panel – New breakers systems can be installed.

This process is very extensive and potentially dangerous. Leave your electrical panel replacement needs to the professionals at Electric Man.

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