Residential Surge Protection

Calgary homes can face electrical surges from outside sources as well as from internal appliances. These surges can cause your home appliances and lighting systems to fail or become damaged. A high-quality surge protection device (SPD) can keep your home electrical systems safe against electrical surges.

Surge protectors in a home can aim to divert harmful surges away from equipment and to help appropriately distribute electricity from high-demand output points. These devices save you money in future repair needs as well as by lengthening the lifespan of your residential electronics. At ElectricMan we can inspect your home to find the zones and appliances that need the most protection as well as determine the perfect SPD for your needs, as well as perfectly install the device.

What Is A Power Surge

Power surges are defined by significant increases in voltages above expected levels of electricity current flow. When these surges are large or frequent enough, they can do immense damage and can even ruin your electrical equipment. Similar to a garden hose that has too much water pressure and bursts, the electrical equipment will rupture when it faces a surge that is too large. Surges can be created by consistently changing neighbourhood energy demands, larger in-home energy loads and by changes in the weather.

Reasons For Surge Protection

Decades ago, there truly was not a large need for surge protection in the average household. This is because in years past, electric components were much more simplistic and stable as well as homes in the past utilised a relative fraction of the electrical output that is commonly used in today’s homes. These are 4 key reasons to invest in high-quality residential SPDs.

  • Protect from much large electrical repair investment needs firm future surges.
  • Extend the life of your equipment and appliances by roughly 15%.
  • Drastically improve the longevity of your electrical panels.
  • Have your home’s electrical grounding system inspected and optimised.

Electrical Surge Myths

Myths discussing the sources, commonality and severity of power surges makes the topic somewhat confusing. These are 3 common myths about power surges:

  • Surges Only Come From Lightning – Lightning may be the most severe and know sources of electrical surges. Canada also faces more than 5 million cloud to ground flashes each year. Though, surges can come from a number of places. Falling power lines, faulty wiring, altering energy needs, damaged appliances and more can be the source of your surge.
  • Homes Rarely Face Surges – Truthfully, Calgary homes face electrical surges an average of 8-20 time a day. The surges drastically vary in source and severity.
  • One Surge Will Wreck Your Electronics – Surges can blow out your equipment though they are in no way guaranteed too. Surges act more like small hammers chipping away at your appliances. The small chips can do damage that adds up and leads to failing appliances far before they are due. It is rare to have a single surge large enough to completely ruin a new electrical appliance.

Types Of Electrical Surge Protectors

There are three main types of SPDs. Each of these can offer different advantages and are priced accordingly.

  • Primary SPDs – These SPDs are large units installed where power lines enter a building and offer the most electrical protection possible. Primary SPDs can utilise internal ground wires directly to increase their effectiveness. These can be more commonly found in large commercial or industrial properties.
  • Secondary SPDs – These units are small and plug into outlets in your home. Secondary SPDs have outlets of their own that appliances or other equipment can plug into, which allows the SPD to act as a surge buffer and deflection point. Power strips are a minimal form of secondary SPD.
  • Power Strips –Power strips help appropriately separate different current in areas of higher output. The strip can also shut off power when a surge occurs, protecting your plugged-in appliances.

For more information on different SPD types or for professional SPD inspection and installations, call or email ElectricMan today.