Electrical Services

ElectricMan is a full-service electrician and electrical service company working in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Electrical Services

Electrical installations, system upgrades, and electrical repairs can improve the function, safety, and efficiency of a property. A variety of electrical services can help your property reach its full potential, ensuring that things are operating optimally and correctly.

Your personal safety and property integrity are at risk by attempting your own electrical services. Electrocution, electrical fires, and other hazards can be a result of inexperienced electrical installation or repair. Leave your electrical service needs to a professional.

You can trust the expert electricians at Electric Man with your electrical service needs. We ensure an effective, safe and efficient process for installation, repair and/or upgrades, our team upholds the highest industry standards and work with each client making sure their needs are met with professionalism and integrity. Schedule a consultation to assess your electrical service needs or contact us 24/7 for emergency electrical service.

Electrical Repairs

If your electrical systems are showing signs of disrepair, have completely shut off or are beginning to become unsafe to operate, contact a professional electrician for immediate assessment and electrical repair. Repairs can save your systems and appliances from needing a full replacement, electrical repairs are designed to maintain an electrical system to prevent the need for more costly electrical services down the road. The team at ElectricMan provide 24/7 electrical services for both commercial and residential properties.

Surge Protection Services

Surge protection ensures the safety and longevity of your electrical system and appliances. Proper installation of surge protection can guarantee the functionality of your electrical system, ensuring that electrical surges do not damage the device. Surge protection is implemented to save your system from harmful effects caused by external electrical surges. Surge protectors have joule limits, that are the amount of power the given protector can withstand. When your surge protector stops a large power surge, it will require replacement.

Electrical Renovations

When renovating or adding onto a home or business, electrical system renovations can often be required. These projects not only support the renovation but provide opportunities for new electrical features and system upgrades. If you require upgrades or repairs for your renovations contact ElectricMan, we provide lighting, wiring, & panel upgrades.

Appliance Repair Services

Electrical appliances can make a home or business much more comfortable and functional. Though, if these appliances begin to malfunction, they can reduce the level of comfort found in the property as well as become quite dangerous. If you notice any signs of your appliances malfunctioning, contact ElectricMan!

Aluminum Wiring Services 

Aluminum wiring is prone to fires at the wire connection points. Allumnuim wires are soft and easily damaged as well as can rust.  Replacing the aluminum wiring with a safer component, like copper, creates a safer electrical system for your home or business. Alluminun wires can also be installed with  Coplaum crimp connectors that combat the potential fire issues.  Professional allumnium wiring services can cost between $2,000 and $12,000.  Aluminum wiring can be very dangerous if not properly addressed, for aluminum wiring inspections and replacement contact us.

Panel Upgrades

Old electrical panels can have limited output and limit the performance of high-end appliances and electrical dependent homes. These panels can cause fires in your home or business. Commercial or residential panel upgrades can keep your property safe. Panels can require replacement if you desire to add more circuit breakers but have reached capacity or if you want to upgrade your circuit breakers. Electrical panels are made of the main panel that dictates the total amperage of the panel and protects the interior circuits, the circuits that are stacked in the panel and supply power, and the bus bars that receive and carry power through the circuits.  A professional electrical panel upgrade can provide you increased electrical output, higher electrical efficiency, and a safe overall electrical system.

Emergency Electrical Services

24/7 electrical services can be required if you need fast services as well as if your systems and or electrical appliances are putting you in danger. At Electric Man we offer emergency electrical repair, replacement and inspection services to ensure that your electrical system need to don’t have to wait.