Residential Electrician

At ElectricMan, we provide quality residential electrical services in Calgary & surrounding areas. If you require a residential electrician contact us.

Residential Electrician Calgary

In need of quality residential services? Whether it is electrical installations, repairs, troubleshooting, or routine maintenance, ElectricMan provides professional residential services. Our highly trained, industry certified electricians are always on hand to help out with solutions to your residential electrical needs.


Residential Electrical Services

Residential Lighting

Lighting helps define the beauty of a home. Your choice of lighting fixtures today are varied to suit any style and color. We carry out installation and upgrade of lighting controls, security lighting, track lighting, landscape lighting, kitchen light energy-efficient efficient lighting options.

HVAC Electrical Services

Everything from installation to maintenance of your home HVAC system – Air conditioning, Heaters, Water heater connection, Exhaust Fans, etc.

Residential Security Systems

Security means a lot to us here at ElectricMan. Your entire home security system – motion sensors, Smoke detectors, Fire alarm, Emergency backup system, and Security Lighting can be inspected, upgraded, or installed by our professionals.

Residential Surge Protection

The electrical service line, telephone lines, or even the cable TV could be the source of a power surge. The installation of a Point-Of-Use Surge Protection Device would keep your electronics and electrical appliances guarded from possible electrical surges. For residential surge protection in Calgary contact ElectricMan.

Residential Networking & Communications

Installation, termination or upgrade of your entire home network and communication system – Television, Telephone, Satellite, Intercoms, LAN Cable, Coaxial Cable, Digital Cable, CAT5, CAT5E, and CAT6.

Electrical Safety Checks and Improvements

Poor electrical practices could leave your home at risk of electrical fire or, at the very least, expose your appliances to undue damage. Our electrical experts would check to see if your home measures up to electrical code standards, making any relevant improvements necessary to improve your electrical safety code.

Other Electrical Services

Receptacles and switch replacements, wiring replacements, Panel replacements and upgrades, Installation of energy efficient packages, Hot tubs, Home theater system, etc.